Apple Pie for Dinner

Today, we went out for the noon meal at the Jewel of India in the U district, one of our favorite restaurants.   Back in my “off-and-on” diet days, I would have loaded up on all my favorite dishes if I was “off”, and would have carefully allowed myself the predetermined number of calories/carbs/fat, etc, if I were “on.”  Today, however, I thought about how hungry I was (very-my stomach was growling) and put small portions of three or four dishes that appealed the most on my plate and savored the wonderful flavors, including garlic naan, as I ate.  When I checked my hunger status afterwards, I felt great, i.e. content but not stuffed. 

When we got home, I served apple pie and ice cream for my husband’s birthday (by his request.)   During the afternoon, we painted and carved pumpkins.   When my daughter asked if we happened to have any Halloween candy around, I was reminded that I had bought chocolate covered cranberries from PCC (Natural Market) specifically for today.  So I put them in a dish on the table and also a dish of homemade trail mix (from cashews, chocolate chips, and raisins.)   Unlike the old days when I would have stuffed myself rather mindlessly, today I was satisfied with a handful of the cranberries and a couple cashews.   Delicious. 

Usually I put out sandwich fixings for the evening meal if we’ve eaten out earlier in the day, but being only marginally hungry, I announced that we were going to have leftover pie and ice cream for dinner and if anyone was still hungry, we’d have sandwiches and fruit for dessert.  My little grandsons thought I was kidding until they saw me dishing up pie.  Several people had a sandwich, too, but I wasn’t hungry for anything else except a piece of cheese.  It was such fun to serve the food in that order that I think we’ll have to do it again some time.

Taking into account my level of hunger before eating may seem obvious to those who have never dieted, but for those of us who are trying to learn to eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re full, it’s progress.   Hooray!

12 thoughts on “Apple Pie for Dinner

  1. Hey Norma!

    Thanks for thinking of me & sharing your blog. I’m always up for dessert anytime.

    Are you doing NANO this year?

    I’m opting out — too much going on w/ granddaughter and other things.

    So good to hear from you.

    Blessings ~~

    Jan (in Edmonds)

    1. I’m not doing Nanowrimo either this year, although I might as well be because of the time I spend writing. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jan!

  2. Wow! You’re a double blogger!
    Great tag line about enjoying food & life more than ever.
    Looking forward to additional posts, Norma!

  3. Nifty blog. And good eating advice! My favorite snack is Emerald Cocoa-Roast Almonds — and only 1 g of sugar per serving.

    1. Never heard of them. As a “food suggestable” person, however, the very thought makes me want to try them. Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn!

  4. Hi Norma! Thanks for inviting me to your blog. (Do you have another blog?) Regarding eating only until you are full…my mom has always encouraged me (although I don’t always follow the advice) to eat until 70-80% full. There’s a Japanese term for that. Dr Oz (I think …although it could have been some else) mentioned this theory during a show about communities who live longer than average. I think it’s called ‘hara hachibu’ …or something like that. I like the pie idea better.

    1. Thanks for reading, Ann! Your mom’s advice is very interesting. Was it hard to comply? Btw, we finished the pie last night, and that was all I had for dinner for the second day in a row.

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