Top 10 Typos

I typed that?

In the throes of writing a scene, I sometimes create sentences that startle me later. For example, in the book I just finished editing,

I found gazillions of typos that interrupted the flow. Most of them resulted from rewording of sentences, leaving dangling pronouns or misplaced modifiers, but a few were “I-should-have-known-better” misspellings.

Top 10 Typos

10. Thanks for the Sweat Pea.

9. He followed at a discrete distance.

8. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to be live?

7. He worried about population and overcrowding of the plant.

6. She looked at him in remorse. “Sorry I bit your head off.” She swallowed.

5. But suddenly my objections silly. What do you think?

4. She shook her head and dropped it into a baggie with all the others she’d been saving.

3. The crystal shattered. His frantic gaze swept the floor.

2. She blew her nose, discarded it in the kitchen, and stood in the doorway.

1. A giant claw rose from the pit of her stomach into her throat. In her whole life, nothing like this had ever happened, nor had she ever heard of such a thing happening to anyone else.

I wrote the last one a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to describe a physical sensation associated with an emotion. Just goes to show you.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Typos

  1. Hey, Norma, I personally know that giant claw! At least your typos are funny, and you have a sense of humor about them. I’ve been sweating bullets because I sent off my mss for Kindle formatting and THEN discovered misspelled and misused words. OY! I had a niggling suspicion I should have waited till I wasn’t so tired and rumdum. Live and learn, or should that be “a giant claw rose from the pit of my stomach into my throat, but I had heard this happened to one of my friends so I quit worrying about it.”

    1. Thanks for commenting, Judy. I love your take on my typo! Too funny. Hope you get a chance to correct things after the formatting is done. I’m so excited that your books will be out on Kindle soon.

  2. Dick and I have been tempted to blow our noses and discard them in the kitchen lately! What a great image! It’s fun to read your latest adventures in editing. Blessings on your next steps. Jeanie

    1. Of course the text originally talked about tissues, but they got lost somewhere along the line. We missed you last week. Hope you’re both feeling better. Thanks, Jeanie!

  3. I got quite a chuckle out of 2 and 4 … discarding a body part! Too funny.
    However, it took some synonym research to find discreet!
    It will fun to read your book!:)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Must admit I had to look up discrete, too. Guess I never got past the math definition, ha. I appreciate your comment, Carol!

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