Stuffed to the Gills

They say confession is good for the soul.  Okay, so I was a human vacuum cleaner for the left-over holiday chocolate around the house.  This time, however, I was aware of what was going on, thinking such profundities as, “I’m not hungry, but I really want to eat this!”  Another observation was that I ate a lot of it on my feet, a rarity for me because I like to relax when I eat anything at all.  For some reason, I just stood in the kitchen unwrapping those little truffles that are dreamy creamy inside. 

The result of all this was that I ended the day feeling uncomfortable physically, which I hate because it takes a few hours for the fulness to abate.   Dr. Michelle May suggests in Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat that we aim to make ourselves feel better instead of worse when we’re done eating.  I think she’s on to something.

2 thoughts on “Stuffed to the Gills

  1. Norma — I’ve done similar acts of violence to my body! I had such a good resolve to eat healthier in 2011 and sabotaged it the very first day. Now I weigh more than I ever have. At yoga today however I said some affirmations to myself like I am strong, I am peaceful, I am joyful, I am healthy, I will loose weight with the help of God! Thanks for letting me vent.

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