Ye Old Diet Mentality

As I was lying in bed going over the way I stuffed myself and feeling horrible about it, this is what I heard myself thinking. 

“Now Norma, you got carried away today, but tomorrow you can make up for it by cutting way back on the calories, eat mostly protein, maybe a nice hardboiled egg and some broth.  You used to shed two or three pounds in one day this way, so it’ll be a cinch.”  A sly thought rushed in.  “And, if you’re cutting back tomorrow because you robbed the bank* today, you might as well get up and eat that last candy bar as you play a game on the computer.”

But then, something odd happened.  I asked myself how hungry I was.  Gulp.  Of course I had to admit I had not the slightest, tiniest twinge of hunger, nor anything faintly resembling it.  In fact, my stomach threatened to rebel if I sent one more thing down.  It was then that the light went on—I recognized my thinking as Ye Old Diet Mentality, which had snuck in when my guard was down. 

“Norma,” I said generously, “you’re not going on a diet tomorrow or any other day, so you can eat whatever you want, even right now.”  What a relief!  I rolled over and went to sleep. 

*robbed the bank = ate freely, or, in my dieting days, ate something forbidden by the Diet du Jour


4 thoughts on “Ye Old Diet Mentality

  1. Good for you! It has been very enlightening to read your blog about not dieting. What a powerful prison our thinking can be with regard to food! So glad you escaped!


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