Just Leave It

Sometimes it’s easier to pay attention to my level of fullness when I’m anywhere but at home. Know what I mean?

A few weeks ago, when we took the train to Chicago, every meal was a feast. No nuked food! I’m not kidding—there was something on the menu for every palate and a chef who cooked what we wanted after we placed our orders. From the get-go, I realized that I would be Fuller than Full if I ate everything that was served to me, so I decided to eat until I was comfortable, which I admit is not yet my usual modus operandi, and eat only what I really wanted. That way, I could look forward to and be hungry at the next mealtime.

Breakfast on Amtrak

To my amazement, I left a third to a half of most dishes because the portions were generous. Of course, I offered the food I hadn’t touched to others because it’s so hard to see it go to waste! One morning, I learned I could get a half-order of the French Toast, which was the perfect amount. Unfortunately, that option wasn’t available for the other meals.

Why was it easier to obey my body’s signals on the train? I think it was partly that we ate in a lovely setting, with flowers and wonderful company, where I ordered the most scrumptious items on the menu and savored my food as often as I could remember, and partly that I had freed myself to leave the food I didn’t want. What a novel concept: just leave it! When the eating was done, I was eager to get on with the next activity.

Is it easier for you to eat to fullness when you’re out or at home?

4 thoughts on “Just Leave It

  1. How interesting! I’m just the opposite. It’s easier to eat less when I’m at home, bored with the same old, same old. When I’m away from home, especially when I’m around lots of delicious “new” food I wouldn’t ordinarily eat, is when I’m most inclined to overindulge.

  2. I find it hard to leave food that’s already on my plate. At home, I just don’t put so much on my plate! But even so, I was leaving a third of the food on the plate by the end of our Amtrak trip! 🙂

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