One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Last week, when I got the urge to step on the scale, I had to do a double-take because the number was lower. Turns out that in the past 2+ years of Not Dieting, I’ve lost 5 lbs. What a pleasant surprise! Although my aim, goal, approach, and expectation is not to lose weight but rather to become healthier over the long run, I was tickled to discover that eating naturally is changing my intake enough to show up on the scale.

What happened next? On the weekend, I ate some amazing meals, such as the buffet at Araya’s Place in the U district in Seattle, where there was everything from rice and veggies to fruit and salads and spring rolls and black rice pudding. Yum! On Monday, I had a slice of pizza and a cinnamon roll for lunch, plus leftover Mexican food, carrots, milk, and cookies for dinner. Yesterday, after I ate a bowl of Moroccan Lentil Soup for lunch, I ate not one but two(!) candy bars while playing computer games, so it was totally mindless and I hardly tasted them. What’s up with that? I’m wondering if the act of getting on the scale and becoming conscious of the number messed with my mind so that I had to reassure myself that I really can eat what I want, even when I’m not listening to my hunger signals.

Well, I don’t plan to weigh myself again any time soon, that’s for sure! It’s not worth it to lapse back into diet mentality where I get fixated on food. I’d rather relax and think about the fun things that are on the schedule today, such as singing some fantastic music with a fantastic choir.

2 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. What an interesting experiment you’ve been conducting! I got on the scale this morning and was down two or three pounds from about a month ago. I’ll take your experience as a good warning! Maybe scales just remind us of dieting, which makes us feel deprived. After all, they’re the symbol of years and years of the madness (-:

    1. I couldn’t agree more with your comment, “scales just remind us of dieting.” On top of that, the number on the scale can make us feel we’ve succeeded or failed. Thanks for your insight, Judy!

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