New Beginnings

As this new year approached, I got interested in reading the Bible in chronological order, which is to say, the order in which the events of the books occurred in history. I also wanted to find a plan that scheduled readings for 6 days or fewer per week, because I’ve found over the years that it’s much easier to stay on schedule this way.

Here’s what I found:

I’m using the Good News Bible (GNB) because it’s the version we gave to our young grandkids for Christmas this year.

My plans are to post here no more than once a week, unless of course I get so excited about something that I just have to share it. The verse that jumped out to me today, as I read the creation story, was: “And so the whole universe was completed.” (Genesis 2:1 (GNB) I could meditate on this all day.

What is your plan for Bible reading this year? May the Lord bless you as you read, whichever system you follow!

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