Kids Speak

My daughter broke her femur while trying to stop her bike by skidding on gravel when she was only six years old. I held her hand as she lay sedated on the table in the emergency room. We were both in tears. “Honey,” I whispered, stroking her head, “I sure wish I were the one with the broken leg instead of you.” In a groggy voice, she said,

“So do I.”

I love the transparency of kids! You usually know right where you stand with them.

While we were sitting on a sunny beach in Puerto Rico, four-year-old Susan spread sand over her thighs. I copied her, but I couldn’t quite cover mine. I looked at the uncovered parts of my legs and said, “Wow, my legs look like little sausages.” She immediately said, “No, they don’t. They look like giant sausages.”

One night when we went to supper at the house of some new friends, I brought along a dessert our family loves – Peanut Butter Pie. Their ten-year-old daughter cautiously took a small slice just to try it and returned with her verdict. “I really liked the pie,” she said politely. “But then I’m not that picky.”

Three-year-old Ben ran in from outdoors to go to the bathroom and scrambled to remove his boots first.
Dad: Ben, you don’t have to take off your boots.
Ben: Yes I do, they’re yucky.
Dad: Why?
Ben: They got pee in them.
Dad: Next time, you’ll have to come in sooner.
Ben: Next time, I’ll just pee outside.

5 thoughts on “Kids Speak

  1. Hahahahaha. Those are funny stories!

    When our 2nd daughter was almost 2 yrs old we took her to Breakfast with Santa. She solemnly shook Santa’s hand at the breakfast and nodded when he asked if she had been good. Then he told her to come see him in the “Throne Room” when she finished breakfast. So we took her to see him when she finished eating. Her older sister took her hand and took her forward to sit on Santa’s lap. She sat there looking up at him with big eyes but would not answer his questions. She didn’t say a word. She never smiled. When she came back to us, she looked at us and said “DAT Santa Cwaus is not the WEAL Santa Cwaus. The one in the beckfast had bwown eyes. THIS one has BWUE eyes!” She was NOT impressed!

    1. Thanks for that cute story, Suzanne! Your daughter was a precocious child to notice eye color at that age–she surely must take after you. 🙂

      1. lol. Aww thanks, Norma. She was really very observant even at that young age. 😀

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