A Battle We Can’t Win

Do you need people to cheer you on to do the right thing? I sure do. Recently I came across an amazing pep talk, where the King of Judah tells his people where they’ve gone astray and what they need to do. “God himself is our leader,” he says.

“God’s priests are here with trumpets, ready to blow them and call us to battle against you. People of Israel, don’t fight against the Lord, the God of your ancestors! You can’t win!” (II Chronicles 12:11-12)

When we’re going down the wrong track and “can’t win” because we’re fighting God Himself, wouldn’t we want to know? Not always! Despite our stubbornness, however, there’s hope. Reading scripture will bring us back to the narrow path if we pay attention, ask God to help us understand, and repent. Thanks be to God!

2 thoughts on “A Battle We Can’t Win

  1. Yes, Norma, I need encouragement! I need to remember that when I see something wrong, it need not be a time to criticize, but an opportunity to be of assistance. Thanks for your reminders: to acknowledge our weaknesses and blunders and to read the Bible, it will provide direction and how to pray to God to use His Power to make needed changes His way.

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