What Good is Astrology?

What’s wrong with us reading our horoscopes? Maybe nothing, if it’s just for fun. But do the constellations tell what kind of people we are or predict our personal futures?

God gave Isaiah a message to Babylon about astrology that stands for all time.

“Keep all your magic spells and charms; you have used them since you were young. Perhaps they will be of some help to you; perhaps you can frighten your enemies. You are powerless in spite of the advice you get. Let your astrologers come forward and save you—those people who study the stars, who map out the zones of the heavens and tell you from month to month what is going to happen to you. They will be like bits of straw, and a fire will burn them up! They will not even be able to save themselves.
(Isaiah 47:12-14a, emphasis mine)

As usual, the Bible does not mince words, although I sometimes catch myself wanting to tone them down. After all, what harm can astrology do? It can prevent us from going to God for advice, and it can cloud our view of the Bible and sin.

Trying to defend actions that the Bible speaks against by saying, “People have been consulting astrologers (or engaging in some other sin) since antiquity,” only shows that we haven’t changed. We’re still prone to sin.

Like the hymn says, “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.”*

Who will save us from ourselves? Thank God for sending a Savior!

*Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (1757), by Robert Robinson.

6 thoughts on “What Good is Astrology?

  1. Interesting post! There was an article today in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about reiki and it gave names of nuns that are involved in teaching it and doing it. It is demonic and even the Catholic church forbids it but the nuns are doing it anyway. Many who consider themselves Christians have not been taught how dangerous this stuff is. Sigh, but then Christianity has mixed easter bunnies and eggs, the fertility symbols of Ishtar, with the celebration of Resurrection Day etc.


  2. Seems to me that Proverbs 3:6 (kjv) applies here too;
    “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths”.

    1. Doing something that is idolatrous and acknowledging Him at the same time? G-d doesn’t accept that. He is a Holy G-d. (Would you accept it if your wife was in bed with another man?) Mixing the profane with the holy is just not acceptable to YHVH. It is spiritual adultery. Spiritual adultery / idolatry is what the House of Israel and the House of Judah did and it brought judgment upon them in the form of destruction of their nation, death of hundreds of thousands and dispersion that has lasted till today for the House of Israel and lasted until 1948 for the House of Judah. Paul also condemned it in the book of Romans.

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