10 Reasons to Trust God, from Psalm 9

Who do you trust? For the grammarian, that’s whom do you trust? Either way, we have to trust in someone because we need each other and are ultimately not self-sufficient. We can’t save ourselves.

10 Reasons to Trust God
(from Psalm 9)

1. (v. 1) He’s done wonderful, powerful, astounding things.
2. (v. 2) He makes us sing with joy.
3. (v. 3) He defeats our enemies.
4. (v. 4) He’s fair, yet merciful.
5. (vs. 7, 20) He’s king forever; we are mere humans.
6. (vs. 5, 8) He will bring justice.
7. (v. 9) He’s a refuge for the oppressed.
8. (v. 10) He does not reject those who come to him.
9. (v. 12) He remembers those who suffer.
10. (v. 14) He saves us!

“Those who know you, LORD, will trust you.” (Psalm 9:10, emphasis mine) Thank God for that! All the more reason to get the word out.

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