Bell Pepper Taste Test

Can you taste the differnce?
Can you taste the difference?

Can you taste the difference between Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green bell peppers? My oldest daughter recently said she could distinguish them blindfolded, so we set up a Bell Pepper Taste Test for her and were so curious we all tried it—kids, too.

Data Collection
Data Collection

The Set Up
We blindfolded the first tester, set before him six small slices of raw peppers—six to prevent him from judging on the basis of elimination—and a glass of water for cleansing the palate between tastes.

Record the Results
My son-in-law the Scribe wrote the abbreviations for colors in the left column. The first taster ate a Red pepper sample and pronounced it red, and the Scribe recorded an R next to the Red pepper row. After the tester finished his six samples, other testers took their turns.

Hm...what color is this?
Hm…what color is this?

Repeat the Test
A few days later, we ran the test with another group of testers and got similar results. All the kids present volunteered to participate, including one who doesn’t like green peppers and gagged when he tasted it blindfolded.

Publish the Outcome
As you can see, everyone did best at recognizing green peppers—66% of the time—which is to be expected as they have a pungent flavor. Orange got mistaken most often for Red or Yellow. Yellow was recognized only 1 time out of 8 tastes and often confused with Green. We didn’t control the order in which colors were introduced, nor other factors, such as the variations in the same color peppers, that could skew the results. We learned that the pepper sample needed to be just big enough to get a sufficient taste and not so big that it filled us up.

I know!
I know!

Reap the Benefits
Overall, I thought the experience was fun as well as nutritious. You know what else? I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the taste of bell peppers and all foods, with hopes that I can acquire that “discriminating taste” I lost when I fixated on weight loss diets for all those years. Eating is one of the joys of life; I can’t think of a better way to enhance mealtime pleasure than to build our repertoire of flavor nuances.

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    1. How nice to see your comment, Dee Dee! I’ll pass it on to my web designer. Thanks for coming by and reading!

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