Funny Police Log

During our time in Lemoore, California, I loved finding a funny Police Log in our local paper, The Lemoore Advance. These reports are from the September 15, 1994, edition.

Police Log Banner for blog

Log 1 Wrong licence plate

Stranger than Fiction
I’d probably have given the wrong license number, too. That little detail makes the story for me. I had to include Reports 2 and 3 because I get a kick out of typos.

Log 2 Apostrophe

Log 3 While on vacation

Gophers and More
Aren’t reporters supposed to give us just the news? But then we’d miss out on the juicy parts. One thing’s sure: if the reporter’s confused, we’re all confused.

Log 4 Friend of caller's daughter

Log 5 Let gopher loose

Browsing the Newspaper
When my kids were small, I used to take a break and sit with my coffee on Saturday morning, the newspaper spread on the breakfast table. Not only would headlines jump out at me, but also little oddities, ads, unusual phrases. The screens of electronic media just aren’t big enough when you want to scan an entire double page at a glance. That’s why I read a newspaper at least once a week.

Log 6 Where dog resided

Log 7 Unwanted brother in law

Before problems arose? okay…

Thanks for checking in today. I hope you’ll share things that make you laugh. Have fun scanning the paper!

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