The Joys of Personal Snail Mail

Yesterday, our mail box contained two hand-addressed envelopes. Oh joy, oh delight! I love getting personal snail mail, especially at Christmas time. I’m not sure why my heart beats a little faster when I see a personal letter. But I usually savor the moment by sitting down to read it.


The Joys of Personal Snail Mail ~ It’s Paper
Opening an envelope is like opening a present! So Lee and I are careful to share the honors. He opens mail that comes from his friends and his side of the family, and I do the same for mine. We take turns opening mail from mutual friends. The letters yesterday were postmarked Kalama, WA, and Oxford, England. Both carried colorful stamps.

Someone Remembers Us
Whether handwritten or typed, a letter is something a friend sat down and composed with us in mind. With all our moving around during our years as missionaries and during Lee’s Navy career, we didn’t get to stay in one place for very long. Exchanging news with friends around the world is a huge blessing.

Letters Reflect the Sender
Some friends send long letters that describe in detail what they did in each month of the year. And I enjoy reading them. By the time I get to the end, I understand what’s important to them, their ups and downs. Last year we got a card from a friend who said her mom had died. I appreciated knowing what she went through and how she coped.

A family in Colorado sends a snail mail letter that reads like a newspaper, with headlines and columns and pictures. I love traveling vicariously with them. Another talented friend puts her family news into rhyme every year. I tried it – once. Another friend sends pages of pictures at Hannukah. A favorite uncle of mine sent us a photo where everyone was holding a dog. There were more dogs than people!

Our grand-kids and other artistic friends send delightful homemade letters and cards. It’s fun to see their interests reflected in their artwork.

Yesterday I received a Christmas card in the mail from a woman who always includes a letter full of tidbits and funny anecdotes. She doesn’t spare her opinions. But this year the envelope arrived mangled and unsealed, its crumpled flap barely tucked in. No letter. I wonder if it slipped out as it went through a postal machine. Or perhaps she didn’t write a letter this year. I hope she’s okay.

I Treasure Them
I thank God for each and every sender. We always print the Christmas greetings that arrive by email to add to the basket of snail mail cards and letters. Come January, I store them all in a file. Why? They’re easy to access when I’m in a sentimental mood.

I think I’ll get out the file right now.

Posted on December 9, 2014

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