Heartwarming Christmas Anecdotes 2014

My favorite heartwarming Christmas anecdotes come from my kids and grandkids, who make me marvel and laugh all year long. Here are some of their observations that get retold.

We were having dinner in the home of Pastor Ralph and Lois Young during the Christmas season. Three-year-old Bekah eyed the goodies on a side table and said, “You sure have cute candy canes.”

They turned out to be tasty, too.

* * *

Three-year-old Lucas and I assembled the pieces of the Nativity scene.
Me: Here’s the first wise man.
Lucas: Where’s the foolish man?

When Eternity Came to Earth
When Eternity Came to Earth

The Christmas after David was born, we saw his name everywhere! It popped out in the Christmas story, e.g. “For unto you is born this day in the city of David,” and in Christmas carols, e.g. “Once in royal David’s city.” As we set nativity figures on the mantle, six-year-old Lucas said, “Here’s Joseph and Mary and David. I mean, Jesus.”

* * *

One Christmas morning a few years ago, my husband Lee got out his pocket Bible and opened it. Lucas, who was two and a half at the time, climbed onto the couch next to him. As always, Lee read the Christmas story to the family. No pictures. Just the words of Luke 2:1-20. Lucas sat enrapt. When it was finished, he looked up at Lee. “Read it again.”

Heartwarming to me because I feel the same way. Read it again.

Posted on December 30, 2014

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