Five Common Eating Mistakes

What are the most common eating mistakes for former dieters? I don’t know about you, but they all lead to eating when I’m not hungry. You, too, eh? We’ve been working on paying attention to our body’s hunger and fullness cues, so why in the world do we give in?

Lunch time - whoopie!

Lunch – whoopie!

It’s Time
We glance at the clock, which indicates anytime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., and – bingo! – we head for food. It’s as if our legs propel us without any command from our brains.

It’s There
Someone walks into the office with homemade cookies or free pizza, and – bingo! – we start salivating. It may be only an hour after lunch, but the sight of it makes us forget to consult our stomachs.

It’s Yummy
We smell the aroma of chili or brownies or fresh bread hot from the oven, and – bingo! – we follow our noses.

It’s Our Only Chance
Okay, so we have a weakness for our Favorite Delicacy, we’re picky, and we know where to buy the best version of it. One day we come across Favorite Delicacy at a new venue, and – bingo! – we buy it on the spot.

A Favorite Delicacy
A Favorite Delicacy
Not for You
Not for You

We May Never Eat Again!
Seeing, smelling, and imagining a particular food can trigger the old diet mentality, which says, “You can’t have that.” We picture going without it for the rest of our lives and – bingo! – we grab it while we can, whether we’re hungry or not.

Try This
Ask, “Am I hungry?” We’ll close our eyes and think about it while taking a few deep breaths. If we’re not hungry, we’ll say, “Yes, I could go ahead and eat it now, but it’ll taste even better if I’m not so full. I’ll wait a couple of hours and check again.”

If you try this, I’d like to hear how it goes. Thanks!


February 24, 2015

2 thoughts on “Five Common Eating Mistakes

  1. Cute kitty photo! Also, your use of the word “Bingo!” reminds me of the main character’s dad in “Things Not Seen.”

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