First Food Memory

What’s your first food memory? If nothing comes immediately to mind, I hope you’ll give yourself a moment to think. If you’ve discovered a food incident, is the memory pleasant or not so much?

My first food memory took place when I was a toddler. My parents had left me overnight with a friend. In the morning I was given a slice of toast covered with a thick layer of cold butter that didn’t melt. I took a bite of toast, chewed it, and gagged. But I didn’t know how to explain how disgusting it tasted and was either too shy or intimated to refuse the rest. Looking back, I’m sure that if I had objected, I wouldn’t have had to force it down. It was no one’s fault – tastes differ after all. A short time after breakfast, I threw up on the back porch. The experience was about discovering how the food made my mouth and stomach feel…shudder. I’ve never again knowingly eaten cold butter on anything!

Blake, Norma, and Jimmy
Blake, Norma, and Jimmy

My second most vivid food memory happened on Guam when I was about five years old. A neighbor boy named Jimmy showed my brother and me how to make Sugared Bread. While our mothers chatted in the living room, we stealthily climbed up on the kitchen counter, where Jimmy buttered a slice of bread and put a spoonful of sugar on it.

A Sticky Snack
A Sticky Snack

I dumped sugar directly on the bread – no butter for me – and shook the excess back into the canister. The gritty sweetness on soft airy white bread tasted heavenly! I’m not sure why the incident sticks in my mind. Perhaps it was a novelty, or awakened my Sweet Tooth, or introduced me to eating on the sly. Perhaps all three.

For this blog post I bought a loaf of air bread to replicate the recipe and take a photo. Then I ate the slice of sugared bread. You know what? Boring! Hope that means I’m outgrowing at least one childish taste.

What’s your first food memory? Why do you suppose it stands out to you?

Posted on May 26, 2015

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