A Boy’s Prayers Are Answered, by Lorena Grosenbach

My mom, Lorena Grosenbach, born Lorena Louise Thomas, has always been a writer of letters and notes – in birthday cards, anniversary cards, and sympathy cards. Years ago, she won second place in the Cavalcade Essay Contest with an entry that’s a true story. The Idaho Press-Tribune published it on February 28, 1990.

I hope her essay will encourage you in your writing…and in your prayer life.

Lorena Grosenbach 1977
Lorena Grosenbach 1977

A Boy’s Prayers Are Answered
by Lorena Grosenbach

Our daddy was serving with the U.S. Navy and away much of the time. Mom and five children remained at home in Hayward, California, looking forward to those precious days when daddy would be home.

These days were filled with school for the older three children, but during this time the youngest of these required some surgery for post-polio correction. Lots of hours were spent traveling to and from Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. As with most Navy families we shared work and play time, but lived frugally from payday to payday.

One evening as we gathered for dinner Mom asked Doug, the son with polio, to pray before we ate. We never lacked money to buy food for a balanced diet, but we didn’t have a lot of money to splurge. Doug thanked the Lord for the food, then almost as a post script, added, “Lord, I sure would like some ice cream.”

Doug Grosenbach, the Optimist
Doug Grosenbach, the Optimist
Lord, I sure would like some ice cream.
Lord, I sure would like some ice cream.

Mom was shocked, but felt it her duty to remind him that we had fruit and homemade cookies and even the money to buy ice cream if we chose, but felt that we should save it for an emergency. While Mom was still giving him what turned out to be a lecture, someone rang the front door bell.

When Mom answered the door, there stood the most meek and quiet man she had ever known. In a soft voice he told her that the freezer at the dairy where he worked had broken down and the contents would be wasted. His wife had suggested that we might use some of the ice cream.

Naturally, Mom had to tell him how Doug had made his wishes known at the end of his prayer. Through our tears we filled the freezer compartment at the top of the refrigerator, now nearly empty just before payday, with all varieties of ice cream.

After Mom apologized to Doug, she took time to count her blessings. Over the years we have related this story many times. Each time, it boosts our faith in God, who demonstrates his concern over things that concern a little boy.

Lorena Grosenbach
Lorena Grosenbach

Answered Prayer
A special thanks to my mom for giving me the go-ahead to post her essay and to my brother Doug for his heartfelt prayer of so long ago. Thanks to them both for challenging the notions that prayer is wishful thinking, unreliable, and doesn’t help!

Thank you, Gracious God, for hearing and attending to our prayers. Amen.

Posted on September 8, 2015

6 thoughts on “A Boy’s Prayers Are Answered, by Lorena Grosenbach

  1. The story touched my heart today. I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer lately. Hope you go see “The War Room.” It will encourage your prayer life. Thanks for posting.

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