Nim’s Island

February’s movie review is on Nim’s Island (2008), a family comedy about a preteen girl named Nim (Abigail Breslin) who lives with her father (Gerard Butler) on a South Pacific island. I watched it because my daughter recommended it. So glad she did.

Nim's Island ~ 2008
Nim’s Island ~ 2008

I related to the tropical setting – probably because I lived on Guam as a little girl. Nim’s Island is a paradise, where Nim’s father does research, where they have all the necessities – drinking water, food, power, and even Internet access(!) – and where Nim’s friends include a seal, a lizard, and a seagull.

My favorite part was watching the plot unfold around Nim’s love of books, especially adventure stories written by Alex Rover (Jodie Foster), whose only friend seems to be the main character of her books. Will Alex be able to help Nim out of the mess she gets into?

Who would like Nim’s Island
While the premise of the story is somewhat believable, it slides into slapstick, as family comedies often do these days and which most kids will find hilarious. Parents might enjoy it just from hearing their kids laugh. Writers will find Jodie Foster’s character sympathetic, if not totally believable, and will relate to her writerly challenges.
Note: Scenes with impending disaster might be overwhelming to kids under seven or eight but will add to the adventure for all others.

Happy viewing!

Posted on February 2, 2016

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