Jason Bourne – the Movie

September’s movie review is on Jason Bourne, the movie (2016, rated PG-13), still showing in theaters.

Jason Bourne

What appealed to me before I saw the movie was that Matt Damon was taking on his old familiar role. Yes, he was good in The Martian, but I think one of his most complex characters is Jason Bourne. Damon grew up with the character, both as a man and as an actor. My husband and son and I went to see this latest movie on a Monday afternoon a couple of weeks ago.

What I liked best was the casting, in particular Tommy Lee Jones as CIA Director Robert Dewey, Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons, and Alicia Vikander as Heather Lee. Although Vikander looked a bit too young for her high-level position with the CIA, her acting was strong and understated, which made her more believable to me. I liked watching all three actors interact with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Their input plus flashbacks revealed new secrets of his past that help us know him better, although I get the feeling we still don’t know everything.

What I didn’t appreciate was the profanity and the blur of action scenes that hit too fast and furious. During street chases, cars flew into the air like toys, making me cringe at the poor cinematography. Why do film makers think they have to push things past belief? I feel the tension more when I can see clearly what’s going on, who’s in danger, and what’s likely to happen to them. As our threesome discussed the movie later, we agreed the plot was incoherent at times, too, which was another distraction.

Who would like Jason Bourne
Overall, I thought the film was better than The Bourne Legacy but not as good as the first three movies. Most fans of the actors, the Bourne saga, and new complications will find plenty to enjoy.

Posted on September 6, 2016

8 thoughts on “Jason Bourne – the Movie

  1. Thanks for sharing your review, Norma.
    I haven’t seen it yet. I like the past Bourne movies but as you suggest the actor(s) personal life and espoused political views often color my perception of a movie. Do you ever wonder why we seem to give more credence to a “star’s” pov or why they have so much influence in politics and policies, besides the obvious fact that they can afford $5,000/plate dinners?
    I’ll probably wait to see this one when it comes out on cable or pay-per-view. I’d never get my spousal unit to pay to see it with me at a theater.

    1. You raise an interesting point, Laura. I guess I should pay more attention to the political positions that stars take. Like you, we don’t see many movies in theaters, either. But sometimes it’s worth seeing a film on the big screen, despite the volume of the soundtrack, the exorbitant cost, particularly for snacks, and the lack of a bathroom break. Thanks for the discussion!

  2. I’m a sucker for all the Jason Bourne series movies. Have watched them so many times. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to see the latest movie. I might.

    1. Yes, the reviews weren’t the greatest for this one, Marie. But it was fun to watch for the most part. Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Have you read any other other Bourne books, Anna? Back in the 1980’s I read The Bourne Identity, which was a page-turner, but I haven’t read any since then. Robert Ludlum died in 2001. I doubt that Jason Bourne is available in book form as the new movie was co-written by the producer and a screenwriter. Let me know what you find. Thanks!

  3. Good review. I agree the action scenes went too far (when will I learn?) and I had to close my eyes. Wish the ears closed up as easily! But Damon, Stiles, and Jones are such great actors in this movie, I guess I’m not sorry I saw it – barely.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marilee. I hadn’t heard anything negative or positive about the movie before we saw it and just assumed it would be as good as the first three. That’ll teach me, ha. Although I’m still glad I got to see it. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of staying power it has over time. What did your husband think of it?

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