Stress and Eating

Recently, I had my hair colored in preparation for visiting my daughter about two weeks from then. I decided to go for a darker shade (Nutmeg), and it turned out so dark that it looked Goth. Don’t get me wrong—I love dark hair on other people, but

it tends to wash out my fair skin and make me look sickly.

The color was only a rinse that’s supposed to last for 28 washings, and as I’m new to hair coloring, I thought the solution to my problem would be to wash my hair 7 times, which I planned to do the next morning, sure that 1/4th of the color would be gone. In the meantime, I researched other remedies, many of which recommended honey.

On Wednesday morning I washed my hair 7 times, alternating between honey with shampoo and honey with conditioner, the theory being that honey contains a trace of peroxide that’s activated when mixed with water. Alas, there was No Difference in my hair color.

I called my hairdresser, and she suggested trying a lemon rinse. So I soaked my hair with all the juice in a yellow plastic lemon. No Difference. Another hairdresser suggested a clarifying shampoo or a product available at a beauty supplies outlet. So I drove 5 miles north to purchase a product called Ion and tried it. No Difference. Next, I tried baking soda, which is supposed to physically scrub off the dye. Can you tell how desperate I was? That made 10 washings on Wednesday. No Difference.

On Wednesday afternoon, when I stopped at a grocery store to look for clarifying shampoo, I noticed something called Color Oops Hair Color Remover, but by then I was so skeptical that I came home first and researched it online. Lo and behold, there was a Youtube video that showed a Before-and-After success story. So I hurried back to the store to buy the two boxes recommended for long hair.

I’m sure there must be some men and women out there who have been as stressed out as I was by a hair color change, but I doubt they ended up eating as much junk food as I did that day. Every time I went to a store for hair products, I grabbed a bag of chips or a candy bar. The thing is—I hardly tasted the stuff because my attention was on finding a solution for my hair. Fortunately, I realized what I was doing and put on the brakes before I went on a true, numbing, belly-aching binge. Down inside, I knew that hair is just hair, the only person who cared about mine was me, and eating wasn’t going to solve the problem or even make me feel any better.

On Thursday morning, I took my radio into the bathroom, set it to a music station, and washed my hair according to the directions on Color Oops, which involved rinsing for 20 minutes and which promised to “reverse an undesirable hair color application.” It worked! Although the result was more like my young adult color (auburn) than my graying strawberry blonde, I felt like myself again. So glad someone invented Color Oops.

Before Using Color Oops
After Using Color Oops

3 thoughts on “Stress and Eating

  1. And the end result is very pretty. I hope that next time you can get the right color right off the bat–er, the stylist’s fingertips (-:

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