Ecclesiastes 7:8 How the End is Better than Its Beginning

The Finish
The Finish

Aren’t beginnings—bursting as they are with possibility—more exhilarating than endings? Yet King Solomon, from his vast store of wisdom, wrote, “The end of a matter is better than its beginning.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8, NIV1)

Our Bible teacher recently led a discussion on the text. Here’s what I brought home.

When an experience is too demanding (exciting, painful, tedious, etc.) for us to absorb it as it occurred, we must process our thoughts and feelings after it’s over. At the end.

How the End is Better than Its Beginning
• We’ve gained closure on the matter.
• We’ve gained a new perspective.
• We’re changed people for having gone through it.
• We’ve learned more about failure or success.
• If we completed a task, we’ve gained a sense of accomplishment.
• Sometimes we’ve seen God’s hand in whatever happened.

We Help Each Other
In the words of our teacher, what we’ve learned “adds to the collective understanding of the church, which, despite all its failings, still provides community and a source of wisdom for life.”

The End of a Matter is Superior
Finally, Jesus showed the ultimate superiority of The End when he completed his mission on earth by giving his life to atone for our sins. Hanging on the cross, he said, “It is finished.”2 Through his resurrection, he threw open the door to everlasting life and offers us hope. Our part is to see if it’s true, and if so, embrace it.3


1Ecclesiastes 7:8
2John 19:30
3Acts 16:31

2 thoughts on “Ecclesiastes 7:8 How the End is Better than Its Beginning

  1. I would have argued that it’s not about the beginning or the end, but about the journey. How many times do we hear that? “Life is a journey”. This text really argues well for the end. I never would have seriously considered that! Thought provoking post – especially the quote from Jesus on the cross!

    1. That was my reaction, too, when I first read the verse. I’m still not sure if it’s talking about the end of life or just the “end of a matter.” Thanks for your input, Laurie!

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